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From the middle of nowhere


Alright, I’m rather annoyed with drill team at this moment. Anybody in student council is forced to be in drill team, so I knew I’d have to march and carry a flag or rifle. That really didn’t bother me. I’ve done it the past two years and I’ve gotten used to having to do it. Nobody in drill team really wants to do it, except for a couple individuals. We may mumble and grumble through it all, but we’ll focus on it long enough to get it done so that we can get back to our lives. Read the rest of this entry »


Our senior field trip was last week, and might I say it was awesome.  We didn’t leave Texas (come on you could drive all day and not leave Texas), but you don’t need to leave Texas to have fun.  We went to a camp that had a bunch of team building games, rope courses in the air, and just a lot of fun stuff.  One must actually experience the camp to know exactly how fun (and tiring) it is.  The first day they had us work on team building games including skis that we have to walk with together, mazes with blindfolds, figuring out how to get from one place to another… yadah yadah.  We then played with fire, looked in the river for different creatures, and then a hike in the afternoon that involved walking in the rapids before going to the mammal room.  The second day we did rope courses in the air including jumping off this 23 foot pole trying to grab a trapeze.  We didn’t have anything under us but rocks, however, we did have harnesses on and were attached to ropes… still pretty scary stuff.  I did it all though.  Then that afternoon we went kayaking and relaxed in the rapids again.  After dinner we played with snakes.  I held several snakes and put a boa around my neck.  I’m rather comfortable with snakes… unlike jumping off the pole (which was shaking in the wind), after which I was shaking terribly.  Thursday (the third day) we rock climbed, went on the zip lines (those were fun… high up, but fun nonetheless), and then we did the Big Gulp.  For the Big Gulp, you are harnessed in, pulled up 50 feet, and then you let go of the rope which allows you to swing around.  I did it twice.  It was awesome.  We went to the rapids again and played with the snakes that day too.  We left Friday.   It was all a big adrenaline rush.

My friend and I had our teachers drop us off in a town not to far from the camp so that we could catch a bus to Austin.  We got there around 10 and the bus left at 2, meaning we had some time.  I called my grandparents and we ate lunch with them.  When it was close to two we went back to bus station.  My grandparents stayed with us, to wait for the bus… good thing they did too.  Although the bus station was rather nice, not all the people were.  This real creepy guy kept trying to join in on our conversations and then when the bus was like 40 minutes late he said the creepiest thing… “Hey girls!  Hey babies!  Hey!  I know you’re probably listening so I just wanted to let you know I’ll be watching you.  I’ll sit right by you, so that if anything happens I’ll be there.  I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Yeah… about that time my grandfather got up, went to the counter, and got the refund forms.  He then grabbed our luggage and we all went to the van.  As we were driving away we saw the guy take down my grandparents’ license plate number.  He’s probably just really mental instable and doesn’t know how to get information from a license plate, but still… creepy.  Two or three hours later we were in Austin.  Let me tell you now, Buffalo Exchange is an awesome store.  It’s on the drag for anybody who wants to go.  The clothes are great and cheap.  But anyways… I don’t really like Panic at the Disco, but they were doing a signing at Waterloo so I went with my friends (Blake and my best friend’s sister drove up with her dad Saturday) and got a record signed.  We then went to Stubbs and watched Phantom Planet, the Hushsound, Motioncity Soundtrack, and Panic at the Disco play.  They were okay, but I really didn’t know the bands beforehand.  I just went for the sake of going to Austin and staying away from hope longer.  Sunday we drove all the way back home in a car without air conditioning.  Mucho fun.  ‘Twas all quite an adventure.


Oh well I said it was the month in my last post didn’t I?  And boy what a month it has been.  I should be going to bed right now and getting some sleep for the long day ahead of me, but I’m just not tired.  So much is going through my mind, will my group advance in history fair tomorrow or was all that work just for nothing?  I know there are some audio problems and a couple places where the video/audio are out of order, but it’s too last to fix it now.  And will our play advance to the fourth level?  The idea of play competitions, where you can’t even enjoy the other plays, is sort of stupid in my opinion, but I like our play and it’s been entertaining to go on these trips.  Who cares if we have history fair and one act in the same day in towns an hour and a half away?  Pfft, we can do it… [/sarcastic] The last day of March truly is going to be an interesting one.

So, last week… Let’s start with Monday.  It was a rather boring day.  I mostly just tried to get ahead in all my classes.  Thank goodness there’s only four I really have to care about… one of them I didn’t have to worry about until Tuesday.  We had play practice after school.  Sometimes I wonder why I even go since all I do is sit around, occasionally put on the music, and help them pack up the van.  Tuesday, we had one act competition.  It was district, which is supposedly hard than the level we’re at right now (area).  The director has seemed to changed her mind since we advanced.  None of us really expected to, but now we’re all really wanting to go to regionals since it would require spending the night in a town with a mall.  I got All-Star Crew.  It made me extremely happy to finally get some recognition on that.  I’ve been working my butt off whenever there was something to do while everyone else just sits there.  But I won’t be there when they put the furniture together tomorrow, so somebody else has to get inside that small box and tape the top on.  Wednesday was like a catch up day, but worse.  We had gotten home late the night before, thus less sleep than usual.  The girls in athletics just had to go and piss the coach off while I was gone, so I had to join in their punishment.  Then we had history fair marathon day… it ended at 9 p.m.  The next day I had to catch up in my economics class (yay for Tuesday and Thursday classes) and get ahead in everything again.  I failed at getting ahead, but I still have Tuesday to catch up.  After school we had another play practice, and then another history fair marathon.  We gave up at 10 p.m.  Stupid technical issues.  My mom stayed up until 3 a.m. burning the documentary for us (audio kept messing up) and we were able to hand it in on time.  That’s probably the nicest thing she’s done for me ever.   And finally, Friday.  Wonderful, wonderful Friday.  We had UIL academic competitions.  I was in Ready Writing and Feature Writing.  For Ready Writing I didn’t even need the full two hours to write an essay.  I spent almost half of the time just making it better.  1,111 words… god I loved that quote I wrote on.  My essay earned me 2nd place (right behind my best friend who has won 2nd at state in that comp.), so I was pleased.  In Feature Writing, I got 700 words.  1st place.  Woot, same as last year.  On to regionals now in both competitions!  <333

So Friday wasn’t the last day I was going to talk about here… I missed quite a bit about all the days, but who cares it’s not entirely important to remember any of it… Of course it was rather funny when I gave those guys my ex boyfriend’s cell phone number.  My ex was with me at the time so he obviously knew… I mean he told me to use his number so I did. =P  Poor guys… Ah well, I don’t really care none of them were cute and they appeared to be total jerks.  They deserve to be laughed at.  And on to Saturday.  Prom.  Why so early you may ask?  The super intendant.   I don’t really care.  I looked absolutely hawt and had a blast.  I was dancing the entire time and I had to have danced with all the guys there at least twice… no once… there was one guy I only danced with once.  It sort of reminded me of a rave at times, but maybe that is  why I had so much fun.  The strobe light was awesome and dancing with five different people in one song was so much fun.  Of course when they cut the glow sticks open and threw that stuff inside them everywhere, along with some glitter I was only slightly amused.  It seems to have not ruined my dress though, so it’s only made my senior prom only that much cooler.  Hopefully none of the guys got the wrong idea about how I feel towards them.  I was a bit crazy that night, but it’s not like I didn’t dance that way with everyone, even the girls.  Mucho fun.  I was even sore when I woke up this morning. xD  Mmm… but I needed that dance.  It helped me to loosen up a bit.  I’ve been extremely stressed out and now everything just seems so much easier.  Like I can dance like a complete idiot (pfft, everyone said I could dance, but I did not really know what I was doing) and not be laughed at… I dunno… it just seemed to help somehow that as soon as I got there I just started dancing and getting everybody else to dance.  No way was I going to have anybody ruin my senior prom or not going to have fun at it.  So, to wrap this up: just dance.  (haha 1,111 words)


March is officially the month that decides what I’m doing these next couple of months… and years… It’s quite nerve recking, but I’m glad it’s finally here. I’m sick of waiting.

So, you may be asking, why is March The Month? For several reasons really. I hear from my first college choice… Shall I be accepted or will have I have to go with my second choice? Second, I got to vote today. Obama ftw people. If he doesn’t win Texas and Hilary is the democratic nominee, you can pretty much bet that McCain is getting my vote in November. I can’t stand that woman. In a couple of weeks (because I simply don’t have the time until then), I’ll be getting my driver’s license. Since that week is spring break as well I might even be going to see my second choice college. Next week, or three weeks from now I can’t remember, we’ve got an One Act Competition. I might be playing a guy if my ex doesn’t start showing up to practice and learn his lines. It doesn’t bother me too much since I love that character. We’ve got history fair in three weeks and then UIL in three as well. I must advance in UIL… all the way to state. 😛 I’ve also got track in three weeks and I’m hoping to make it to area again. If I advance in nothing then I’ll gain a lot of free time between now and the end of school. I rather be busy and go to Austin (again :P) and Washington D.C. I’m pretty sure I’m going to a concert on April 19 too.

I’m just so exited… and I think prom might be this month. I don’t care about that really. There’s a possibility that I’ll be prom queen, but ugh.

Count down to graduation: 43 school days left (field trips excluded). Senior pictures Thursday. 😀 And good luck to any Texans taking the English TAKS tomorrow… good luck with all those stupid TAKS. Geez, I’m glad I don’t have to take them anymore.


14 students at my school are being published in a book of essays. We got a letter last week announcing that I was in the top ten in the nation… thus I won something and I’m being published in the front of the book instead of with my classmates. A couple days later we got the results for an extremely hard practice competition, in which our small school competes against the top 49 schools in Texas (and numerous others, but bleh…). My friend got 1st and I got 3rd. We didn’t receive my paper back, so we didn’t know just how well I did. My teacher went on and on about how we would both go on to win state at the actual competition… So anyways, she just called me a couple minutes ago and was like “Lydia, you scored three points lower then Helena!” She was so happy and went on and on about everything good the lady said about us… I’ve got to make it to state in that competition now. My teacher rarely calls me at home. XD

The only problem with the competition is it gives you two hours to write a 1000+ word essay over one of two quotes they give you at the beginning of the competition with no resources. Writing my opinion is easy, but remembering examples to prove your point can sometimes be hard. My English teacher’s room is full of quotes to use (I only used one this time, so I’m getting better :P), and the college essays have helped improved my database of examples. I dunno, I guess I’m kind of nervous about letting her down. She’s normally complaining about something and for her to be so excited over something that depends on me is ugh… I made it to state in Feature Writing last year… I can do it for Ready Writing too as long as I don’t choke. I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t go to state in both. :S Bleh. I just need to remember to not get over cocky and slack, right?